About Me

Born and raised in Charleston SC, Zania Cummings is an Actor, Poet and Creative based in NYC. She recieved her classical training at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts where she recieved the James Fisher award. While studying in New York she rediscovered her love of poetry and has been performing as a spoken word artists for 3 years. As a creative she uses poetry and acting in an intersection way, often creating pieces centered around self love self worth and the feeling of otherness. Her art is unapologetic af! She uses her own journey through "womanhood" as a catalyst to inspire through poetry. A proud believer of activism through art.
Because Art is just a reflection of the world we see, it should be just like the world everchanging. It should be bold, and even scary thats what makes a piece beautful when you've found a way to communicate a realness.