NY Summer
god bless you ma
hey beautiful
enjoy ya day sweetheart
morena! morena!
sexy sexy
honk honk ( a car)
you thicker than pancake mix
i'd like to see whats under that dress
you dont hear me talkin to you
oh you cant smile
fuck you too
you ugly anyway
nappy headed hoe

I be code switchin
when someone asks about my poetry
quite a personal question
i mean
yall dont need to know everything
im from the south
thats why
i talk lih dis
im also black
another reason why
i talk lih dis
not always
i do be code switching
but i choose to
talk lih dis
cuz even if it aint taught
dis still a language
and english aint my first language
iono my first language
dis the closest i got
so when you ask about my poetry
know its jus like my tongue
and dont care what proper spose to be